Owner’s Grant and Lisa Braun have been in the trucking industry for over 30 years. Having started out with Grant doing long distance trucking, he and Lisa have been on the road for many hours together. Eventually transitioning into the towing industry, Windy Lane Enterprises Inc. was established. With the company starting out with one truck and only having the capabilities of hauling small cars, Grant went to work. With Lisa working in the office and Grant on the road, both noticed that business started to pick up. As demand for the company grew, additional tow trucks, semi’s and trailers, deck trucks and wreckers were bought. The customer base was growing steadily and it became evident to both Grant and Lisa that they needed to expand the company to include hauling construction equipment and farm machinery with the semis and trailers.

Over the years, Windy Lane Enterprises Inc. saw many changes to help meet demand for the business. In late summer of 2020, the company saw its biggest change of all. As demand for hauling construction equipment and farm machinery grew, Grant and Lisa decided to solely focus on that and sell the heavy towing and small towing portions of the company. While Grant and Lisa were sad to see those parts of the company leave, they knew the new owners would continue to provide top-notch service to the customers.

Jean Stander of Morden Towing & Salvage purchased the heavy wreckers and is available for your heavy towing needs. He can be reached at (204) 362-9414.
Steve Freund of Moonlite Auto Body Ltd. purchased the small towing portion and has decided to keep the deck trucks under the Windy Lane Towing name. He can be reached at (204) 384-6400.

Grant and Lisa are excited for this new adventure and look forward to helping any customers that require large construction equipment or farm machinery to be moved.
Windy Lane Ent. Inc. is trusted by the valued customers ranging from small farms to well-known established corporations. With Grant, Lisa and the staff of Windy Lane Ent. Inc. having been in the hauling industry for many years, they believe that they can provide knowledgeable experience for all customers. Windy Lane Ent. Inc. works with a variety of companies and will provide service to all.

Grant and Lisa have built a business which focuses on the customers. Customer satisfaction is the #1 priority. When you call Windy Lane Ent. Inc., you will be put in contact with Grant or Lisa themselves, or the receptionist. With any one of the staff ready to take your call, they will find out what help is required and get to you as soon as possible. By providing fast, efficient service, Windy Lane Ent. Inc. wants to make your time with them as enjoyable as possible.